Serving Safety In Construction, Manufacturing, and All Industries

A visit from ASHA makes a visit from OSHA become a walk in the park.

ASHA Introduction

American Health & Safety Associates is a leading provider of workplace CPR Training and safety training in Michigan and the Great Lakes region. With over 37 years of experience, we have trained over 10,000 people and have a reputation for providing high-quality CPR Training. Our mission is to help employers protect their business and their employees by providing customized safety and CPR Training, consulting, and program writing. Our services help prevent accidents, fines, and claims, while reducing liabilities and insurance premiums. Contact us today to learn more!

About Our CPR, First Aid and Safety Training

Cut costs of liability, insurance & fines. Improve your record for bid qualification, insurance, OSHA, EPA & DOT. ASHA customizes Workplace Safety, Health, CPR Training, First Aid & Wellness training, consulting & program writing

What Our Training Provides

Customized, effective employee training.

Program design and writing for workplace safety.

Integration of quality, production, and programs.

Consulting and ongoing support for safety, health, CPR training, and first aid.

Assistance with MIOSHA citations, fines, and compliance.

Customized integrated safety and health management systems.

ASHA provides on-site first aid and safety training, consulting, and program writing services to businesses in

Workplace Safety and Health Training

ASHA offers employee training, safety program design and consulting, and ongoing management support to promote workplace safety, health, and wellness. We help you save on insurance claims, premiums, and OSHA and MIOSHA citations and fines.

CPR, First Aid and Safety Training

We offer training on various topics, including First Aid, Chemicals, Falls, PPE, Electricity, Lock Out, Respirators, Confined Space, Bloodborne Pathogens, Fork Lift, Fire Safety, Asbestos / Lead Awareness, and most MIOSHA topics.

Safety Program Writing

All digital, one-click to any topic or standard, 110 topics, 35 forms, use on laptops & phones, instant report submission, updates quickly, some auto-updates, lasts for 15 years.

Safety Consulting and Management

Ensuring a workplace free of hazards isn’t easy, but ASHA is here to help. We help you target your most important safety concerns and then manage them cost-effectively.

Safety Training Personalized to Your Business

ASHA offers personal on-site service to discuss, assess, develop, and provide efficient and cost-effective consulting, training, and management support. We provide on-demand services for hazards, accidents, and inspections. With ASHA, you have on-site, off-site, and online B2B service when you need it.